A fall semester review

By Editorial Staff

We at The Spectator have faced a newsworthy semester this fall on the Hill.  Hamilton College’s 201st year thus far is one of incredible victories for the College as well as some unfortunate tragedies.  As the calendar year winds down and The Spectator prints its final issue of the semester, we thought it would be useful to look back at this eventful season.
In October, The Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum opened just in time for Fallcoming Weekend 2012.  Alumni, family, friends, students and other community members were welcomed into the building to discover an amazing exhibit and a modern interior that fully shows off Hamilton’s extensive collection of art and archeological materials.

While our Clinton campus remained relatively unscathed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, residents of our program in New York City found themselves relocated to the Hill after Mayor Michael Bloomberg evacuated the College apartments in Battery Park.  Students came together to help their friends and family in need, holding multiple fundraisers and a blood drive for the victims of the hurricane.

A wave of election fever fell over Hamilton’s campus in the weeks leading up to Election Day.  Hamilton College Democrats and Republicans hosted a number of events for students including watch parties and a live debate.  Many students packed themselves into the Sadove Student Center living room to watch the presidential debates and the election results roll in.  Others gathered around campus and even in downtown Clinton at the Alexander Hamilton Institute to discuss politics as votes came in from across the country.

In mid-November, our campus received record-breaking media attention when a student experienced an overdose.  This unfortunate event, coupled with the mass casualty incident in September, has sparked a necessary focus on the use and abuse of alcohol and other substances on the Hill.  We look to next semester for a reevaluation of students’ actions and perhaps a student movement to reform its out of control weekend partying behavior.

Considering the amount of negative attention our campus has faced related to alcohol and drugs, the measures Student Assembly and administrators have taken to provide Clinton merchants with sufficient tools to prevent underage access to alcohol is a necessary step in enhancing our reputation as well as student safety.

Our community dedicated a full week in November to celebrate our hardworking group of volunteer EMTs for Hamilton College Emergency Medical Services.  The Hamilton community is blessed to have a group of students so strongly committed to our health and safety, and encourages students to remember to call the EMTs whenever a need arises.
Wrapping up our semester, Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia rocked the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square, New York City.  The proceeds from this event will all go directly to scholarships and the arts at Hamilton.  We as a community are extremely thankful for this massive donation, and watch eagerly as the new arts facility takes shape along Green Apple Way.  Construction of the new building is going reportedly well.

Altogether, the first half of our 2012-2013 academic year has faced mixed reviews.  While several positive events give us reason to celebrate, we must also reflect and work as a community to prevent negative headlines.  We, at The Spectator, hope that next semester will be a more positive one for the community.   The Spectator staff would like to thank our readers for their continued support.  Best of luck finishing the semester.  See you in 2013!


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