In Defense of College Journalism

By Editorial Staff

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“Know Thyself.” For over 200 years, Hamilton’s motto has inspired students to cultivate and appreciate their own abilities and interests. At every college and university, few forums inspire community engagement and development of thoughtful self-expression better than student-run publications. Student media stands as an important outlet for student perspectives on issues that genuinely matter to them.

“The college years” mark a transition from adolescence to maturity and independence. In the classroom, professors provide pupils with the fundamental skills of intelligent communication and analysis. Student-run publications are a platform upon which this knowledge can be transformed into practice. This freedom to explore an individual voice and construct a distinct style is only granted when students are empowered with a sense of agency and responsibility for the message they deliver. 

From the Style Guide to the formatting to the writing to the multi-step editorial process, The Spectator relies on student innovation and commitment. We hold ourselves accountable for the work we produce and the reactions it may provoke, and we take pride in knowing that our work reflects the student body’s interests.

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