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Highlights from the Festival

By Taylor Coe ’13

“Behind The Scenes” 

A meta-documentary, this film sets itself up as a documentary—in the style of “The Office”—following a group of Hamilton students as they try to construct a documentary film for the 24-Hour Film Festival. Featuring an actor suffering under the delusion of his own greatness, an unhelpful friend, an overeager schemer, a hapless director and one reasonable person, the situation quickly disintegrates into an attack with scissors and a surprise, musical-inspired ending.

“The Search for Federalist #86” 

After two friends locate an odd poem (a clue!) on a statue, they embark on a Nicholas Cage-inspired journey across the Hamilton campus to locate the lost manuscript, racing against the (6x) great grandson of Aaron Burr, intent on avenging his forbear’s reputation. Like any good detective/adventure story worth its salt, “The Search” is filled with witty banter, clues that verge on parody and a hair-raising fight scene, captured with startling documentary precision.

“The Kirkland Spirit”
Silent film

Taking off of last semester’s “The Spirit of Kirkland,” a lovely and sad romantic ditty, this film takes a similar theme and swerves into much darker territory. The nymph-like presence of last semester’s film is transformed into a Carrie-worthy horror character. You thought the basement of McEwen couldn’t look any creepier? You’ll think after seeing this film—one scene involving an apple, a supine body and a flashing light will leave you with your heart racing.

“Pirate and the Timeless Crystal”

A stop-motion film about Pirate’s bid for liberation from cruel Lord Monkey, “Pirate” features a hilarious, innovative use of kitchen space, equally hilarious voiceovers and a fantastic stop-motion chase. Also: it’s hard to look at a blender the same way ever again.


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