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15 years later, Slim asked to come to Hamilton

By Max Newman '16

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) may have put on  the best acoustic coffeehouse performance of the semester this past Thursday with Langhorne Slim and guests The DuPont Brothers.

The DuPont Brothers took the stage promptly at 8:00 p.m. with a memorable performance. The duo comprises best friends and brothers Sam and Zach DuPont, who formed the band after years of geographical separation. Originally from Burlington, Vermont, the brothers write their own music about their experiences and shared passions.

The two stood side by side throughout the 45-minute set with spot on harmonies that left the crowd close to tears by the end. Audience members standing along the balcony of Fillius Events Barn could feel the emotion communicated through the lyrics spreading through the room.

The pair ended the performance with an unforgettable song dedicated to their grandmother. The physical proximity between the DuPont brothers made the song uplifting yet mournful as they celebrated their grandmother’s beautiful life. The eloquent song writing left the crowd frozen as their final harmony faded out.

Headliner Langhorne Slim took the stage next with an energetic concert that had people on their feet by the second song. However, Slim began the night in quite the unconventional manner.

Hamilton College received an application from Slim back in the day, but he was put on the waitlist. After waiting all these years, Slim was finally here.

In honor of this moment, Slim casually pulled up a chair right in front of the audience and began strumming his guitar. Without a microphone he sang a beautiful acoustic song that echoed off the walls, a comical “look at me now” shout-out to Hamilton.

Slim’s band members joined him and the night was in full swing. The crowd was up on its feet dancing to the band’s modern combination of folk and country music for the remainder of the performance. At some points, Slim was even in the crowd dancing—unusual for a coffeehouse, where the mood is often mellow. Hamilton students recollected him asking if they were going to the Little Pub afterwards to hang out. Langhorne Slim’s energy raised the performance to an unforeseen level Hamilton had never truly experienced.

Overall, the night featured a unique mix of moods. The DuPont Brothers warmed up the crowd with soft, acoustic sounds that had deep emotional roots. Langhorne Slim eased the transition to more energetic tunes with his memorable opening song, and the night turned into a folk dance party.


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