The Hamilton College Media Board is composed of representatives from all the student publications on campus as well as WHCL-FM. The Media Board aims to serve as the link between students, the student publications, the administration, and the community as a whole.
The Media Board meets every other Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Sadove Center conference room. Media Board meetings are open to the public, but are sometimes closed at the discretion of the Board, often during elections. We welcome feedback, as we are constantly trying to improve the the media outlets on campus.

You can download and read our Constitution here: Hamilton College Student Media Board Constitution (.pdf). Below, you will find a list of the student media organizations and their mission statements. To contact individual organizations, see the "Contact Us" above.

The Continental

The Continental website

The Continental Facebook page

The Continental magazine strives to provide accurate, intriguing, thought-provoking student interest stories in a more casual journalistic setting. Due to our status as a tri-yearly publication, we focus less on breaking a particular news story and instead on student reactions and opinions after the fact, to gain a sense of the state of campus mentality. We want to hear the voices of Hamilton College. We want to see how students of varied backgrounds express themselves in writing. We want to know what people are creating and what their passions have driven them to accomplish. We seek to publish articles that are critical of an issue, yet respectful and well-intentioned. The magazine should, in the end, allow students to learn about college happenings outside of their own lives and gain a certain appreciation for the originality present in every aspect of Hamilton life. Lastly, due to the magazine's flexible deadlines, The Continental should provide further evidence to the already held belief that Hamilton students possess exceptional skill when it comes to writing.

The Daily Bull

The Daily Bull is distributed Monday through Friday. It features original content on its front and advertisements on its flipside. A Bull is printed on an eight-and-a-half by fourteen inch piece of yellow paper.

The Duel Observer

The Duel Observer website

The Duel Observer is a weekly satire publication, striving to make the campus a better and more humorous place.

The Green Apple

The Green Apple’s mission is to create a publication that provokes thought and sparks discussion amongst the Hamilton College student body. We seek to provide a space in which each and every Hamilton student, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc., feels he/she can safely express his/her thoughts and both discover his/her own voice and inspire others to do so as well. The Green Apple is dedicated to high quality work, honest self-expression without censure, and the exploration of self through all creative means whether that work be humorous, earnest, or a mixture of both.

Red Weather

Red Weather tumblr feed

Red Weather is the literary and art magazine of Hamilton College.  Our publication is dedicated to showcasing the diverse creative talent of the Hamilton community that varies in genre, theme, and style.  A publisher of poetry, prose, and art, Red Weather seeks to embolden the Hamilton campus with creative work that challenges accepted modes of expression and experiments with language.

The Spectator

The Spectator website
The Spectator blog

The Spectator is a publication of the Hamilton College Media Board. A volunteer staff of students handles all aspects of the weekly publication. The purpose of the newspaper is to provide the Hamilton Community with an honest, fair, timely and high-quality publication.

The Wag



WHCL-FM website

The purpose of WHCL-FM, Hamilton College Radio shall be: To provide radio programming for the Hamilton College Community and all others in the station's listening area, and to provide an extracurricular and educational activity for members of the Hamilton College Community.